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Modern Knight 3D Single Player V.4 (UPDATED)

   Windows Download 

 3D FPS single player version, 7 different levels and a variety of weaponry. Go planet to planet destroying Robot. V4 now supports weapon upgrades and a variety of graphic improvements

Toaster Toss (POPULAR)

    Android Download (PRO)

    Windows Download

   In Browser  (caution:glitched)

 2D Catching game in which you are a toaster. Catch toast and see how many points you can go to with out destroying your toaster.


Modern Knight 2D online

Windows Installer (faster download)

   Windows Download

 2D online platformer to play with friends.





Modern Knight 3D Online

   Windows Download

 3D online platformer to play with friends.


Corn Dog Game

   Android Download

 Windows Download

In Browser Version

 Play as the famous flying corn dog in which you save tater tots and doge attacking seagulls.


Bash Bash

   Windows Download

Hit spiders with a hammer and see how many you can kill in a certain time period, Great for small children or older folks who are bored. 


Spider Smash

   Android Download

Protect your cookies from the spiders. You use the nearest heavy object could find, The Hammer! See how many spiders you can kill and don't let them steal your cookies!


Bird Zombies

   Windows Download

Protect your building from oncoming zombie birds, earn new guns and more points and see how many levels you can get up to


Modern Knight 2D Single player 

   Windows Download

The first FMGames ever, 2d adventure platformer shooting game, work your way through 12 levels and kill monsters. 3 special ops missions. complicated controls, fun game

Coke Vs. Pepsi

   Windows Download

Simple 2d platformer, work your way through a few levels as a Pepsi can to infiltrate Coke's factory 

Island Invaders

   Windows Download

Top Down shooter, kill other pirate ship to earn money and go on islands to buy upgrades and find hidden treasures. A FMGames classic.

FMGames Museum

   Windows Download

3D game with pictures of FMGames, drive the car in the front and find Easter Eggs placed through out the level




FMedia Player

   Windows Download

An FMGame best, a very sophisticated Media player with a lot of features from custom skins to automatic song lyric detection to music set points. 

Platform Defender

   Windows Download

  Unfinished game but still playable. protect your turret from oncoming invasion. right and left click to shoot, space bar for shields. 

3D Racing Game

   Windows Download

  The very first 3D game EVER, it looks so terrible I am not going to show you a preview photo


   Windows Download

  Is a description really necessary? arrow keys to move. Catch white circles, don't eat yourself. 

Guyana Game

   Windows Download

  Educational game in which you become the president of Guyana a country in South America. Your goal is to make it prosper. 

Speed Test

   Windows Download

 Test how well your computer is and how fast it can go, compare results to friends. 

Clock and Alarm

   Windows Download

  Simple program displays a analog clock and allows a alarm to be set which can play a sound of your choice at a certain time.


   Windows Download

  Allows you to place notes on a scale and have it record a midi file. also has a virtual keyboard for playing simple tones. 

Motion Detector

   Windows Download

  Nifty piece of software. turns your webcam into surveillance technology, detects motion and saves pictures and audio recording.



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